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”HelsinkiNano – Nanotechnology Research in Helsinki Region 2010” paints a novel picture about the nanotechnology research in Helsinki region

A survey by Culminatum Innovation reveals the focal points and potential applications of the nanotechnology research in Helsinki region in a publication collecting the expertise of almost one hundred research groups.
In addition to the expertise and new results of the research groups, the publication includes also information about the potential applications of the results. The information is packed into concise and easy to understand form and the publication includes also various tools to find the relevant information and contacts rapidly. The publication has already raised also international interest and it will be officially launched on the 4th of May at the final seminar of Tekes’s FinNano-program. After the launch the publication can be downloaded.

The publication brings the possibilities of nanotechnology to the reach of all the companies looking for new ideas. There is a lot of unexploited potential in the co-operation between the academia and the companies: it has been estimated that for example in the Helsinki region there are hundreds of companies that could renew their business or improve their products with nanotechnology. Thus the publication supports the active technology transfer to Finnish companies. The pilot phase was limited to cover only the groups operating in the Helsinki region as the Finnish nanotechnology activities are strongly concentrated in the metropolitan area; however the next step is to expand the survey to cover Finland on the whole.

Guidance in the safety aspects of nanotechnology –website promotes also the safety aspect of nanotechnology by introducing a library of relevant nanosafety websites and service providers. The abstracts provide information and nanosafety related support to nanotechnology companies, researchers and to everyone who is interested about the topic. The nanosafety section was launched on 4th of May and it can be found at at free of charge and without any registration.

NanoPump-project that aims to spread the results of nanotechnology research to the companies is funded by the Regional Development Funding by Uusimaa Regional Council. Culminatum Innovation Oy Ltd is a regional development company operating in Helsinki region that aims to empower the commercialization of novel knowledge and expertise, to activate companies to grow and through that to enhance the competence of domestic business in Finland and abroad. Culminatum Innovation Oy Ltd manages nine centres of expertise within Helsinki region that are part of a national Centre of Expertise (OSKE) program funded by the Ministry of Economy and Employment.

More information:
NanoPump-project, project manager Mika Koskenvuori (tel. +358 50 59 454 59)
Culminatum Innovation Oy Ltd, Nanotechnology Centre of Expertise
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